beach fishing

The bliss of summer holidays. It is the reward for being on time, well prepared and hard at work all year long (and you know I don’t mean for students.) So with Christmas and NY out of the way and the Ashes safely back with Australia, my mind has started to wander to more cultural pursuits.
If, like me, you are not quite ready to peel yourself off the sofa unless it is to go for a swim, might I recommend my favourite websites for procrastination planning.
1. Design*Sponge This is my all time favourite website. I’ve been an avid reader for years. A contemporary and current take on design. I love the range of topics covered and the always fabulous images. No gossip, only a bit of fashion, with multiple posts each day. Perfection.

2.Pinterest Follow me at: Mrs Eden and for all kinds of awesome art advice follow: Craig Roland. I know that there is a whole lot of crappy craft out there but look past it, refine the boards you follow and start uploading your own ideas too. I use Pinterest to search for project inspiration and to curate boards for every topic. It’s a great resource to take into the classroom too.It’s lighter than a book and if you have a computer, internet and projector your whole class can see what you’re on about. If like me you tend to repeat versions of the same project all the resources are still organised and ready to go. Bonus: if you move schools or even rooms it all goes with you.


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