simple perspective

Simple landscapes using warm and cool colours to create a feeling of depth combined with a little bit of simple two point perspective drawing resulted in some very attractive finished work. My Year 10 students worked in acrylic paint onto small canvases (approximately A5).

It’s a fabulous way to teach colour theory in a practical way. You can discuss warm and cool colours, tints, shades and tones. The perspective drawing is strangely very exciting and everyone eventually “gets it”. There is loads of room for extension and lots of lovely peer teaching happens naturally.

simple perspective 1

This project was inspired (ok, copied from) the wonderful David Ledger. He is a tutor who works with the Gifted and Talented program and used oil paint (Fancy!). Please follow the link to see his work. It is A+ Awesome.

A “Miss, what do I do next?” tutorial will follow shortly.

Yes, I’m still on holidays, so technically I’m not teaching anything.


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