Welcome, I’m Mrs Eden and I teach art at high school and in my private studio.

I also make and exhibit my own art work. I believe this process is an important experience for an art teacher

This blog started in the summer of 2012/13 as a simple record of my teaching programs – a look book. It’s been nice to see the pictures but I’d like to add a bit of depth now. I’ve realised that this blog is also for other art teachers (beginning and experienced) so my focus will be to develop the blog into a teaching resource.

This year I’m planning to post more regularly. I’ll still have a segment on “I’m teaching…” and I will invite other teachers to add their photos. To complement this, I will add a new segment, “Miss, what do I do now?”, where I will present tutorials on a range of art teaching activities, including art making, assessing, planning and recording. There will be some art history and theory segments, as well as some awesome art adventures.

You can learn more about my private classes at: Eden Art School

You can contact me at edenartschool@westnet.com.au

Year 7 Repeat Print


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